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Radical Conceptual Art revisited: A social and political perspective from the East and the South

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Name: Antoni Muntadas

Place and data of birth: [1942] Barcelona

Place of work during the 60’s and 70’s (personal biography):

Antoni Muntadas is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Barcelona in 1942. Lives and works in New York since 1971. He studied at the School of Industrial Engineering in Barcelona. He has taught at the University of California in San Diego, at the Fine Arts School in Bordeaux, at the MIT's CAVS, at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and at the University of Sao Paulo, among others. He has received prizes and scholarships from the Rockefeller and Guggenheim Foundations, from the National Endowment for the Arts in the US and from the Centre National d'Arts Plastiques in France. He has been a resident artist in Rochester (USA), Banff (Canada) and Sydney (Australia). His work has been shown at the Paris, Venice, Sao Paulo and Lyon biennales, at the Documenta in Kassel, at the MOMA and Guggenheim in New York, at the Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris, at the Fine Arts Palace in Brussels, MNCARS in Madrid, IVAM in Valencia, etc. His most recent exhibitions have been at the Kent Gallery and Store Front for Art and Architecture in New York and List Gallery at MIT Cambridge, Mass. Currently he is working on a project called "On Translation", about the phenomenom of translation. This project started in Helsinki and continues in Atlanta, Québec and Madrid.

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