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Radical Conceptual Art revisited: A social and political perspective from the East and the South

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Title: Informació d'Art Concepte 1973 a Banyoles

Author: Tint-1 [CO]

Year: 1973

Images and references:

Place where it was made /presented Banyoles (Catalonia)


Curator: Antoni Mercader

Artists: Francesc Abad, Jordi Benito, Alberto Corazón, F. García Sevilla, Simón Marchán, Antoni Muntadas, Carles Santos. 

Author: [Tint-1]

"Tint-1 seeks to erase from young minds emptied of sensitivity the stereotype -often justified- that musuems, exhibitions, theatres, lectures, and so on, are dead or old fashioned, the product of old people or idlers, or the recreation of a bunch of intellectual snobs. All these and many others are objectives that this season endeavours to achieve. It does not want to be a place for personal ostentation, nor a centre of "stars" or a commercial fair to form part of the very controlled and closed world of art."

[Declaration from the file-programme of the grup de treball Tint-1, Primer cicle d'activitats culturals.]

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