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Radical Conceptual Art revisited: A social and political perspective from the East and the South

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Title: Desacuerdos 3

Author: Jesús Carrillo [CU, ED]

Year: 2005

Images and references:

Place where it was made /presented Granada

Tamańo/duracion 329 pages


" We present the third publication resulting from the first phase of the project Desacuerdos, about art, politics and public sphere of Spain. This is a experimental phase, where we have tried procedures of investigation in the network, ways for the horizontal collaboration between entities of different nature and channels of communication between institutions and social movements.

Although the document that we present herewith does not try to be the catalog of the exhibitions of Granada and Barcelona, it is closely linked to the processes of public diffusion that were orientating them. The textual nature and the format of book, magazine or fanzine of most of the exhibited material, were asking a way of visualization and a grade of analysis that a shop window in a Museum can hardly offer. (...)

If the project Desacuerdos has never had an encyclopedic will, and has not even claimed the constitution of a new canon, it is doubly true in the case of this volume. From the very beginning it became clear the impossibility and the political inconvenience of including in a closed format the heterogeneous material gathered during the investigations, and selected for his exhibition and debate. The intention of Desacuerdos keeps on being the same than when the works began two years ago: to indicate breaks and to open breaches that stimulate a critical rereading of the historical consolidated discourses. But, how to offer a useful and easy to use tool that serves as an incentive in front of the temptation of re-building a lineal story or a new taxonomy? The difficulty of the task has been increased by the need to start from a limited selection and to present the documents in a readable sequence. Finally, it was decided to use a lax chronological axis that can be used as a guide of the index, thus compensating with a structure divided into small thematic blocks of diffuse nature that prevents from interpreting such a succession in terms of clean historical continuity, already out of progress towards a luminous present or of fatality and defeat. "

Editorial, Introducción, Desacuerdos 3, 2005.

Author: [Jesús Carrillo]




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