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Radical Conceptual Art revisited: A social and political perspective from the East and the South

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Title: Idees i actituds. Entorn de l'art conceptual a Catalunya, 1964-1980.

Author: Pilar Parcerisas [CU, ED]

Year: 1992

Images and references:

Place where it was made /presented Barcelona

Tamaño/duracion 353 pages


During the 60's and 70's, plastic arts in Catalonia presented now aesthetic contributions which could be framed within what has been called the "Conceptual art" movement.

This is a period in which art shows itself with a great creative and imaginative capacity, being also linked to the tendencies of international art as it had previously happened with Surrealism or Informalism. Furthermore, it has been said about Conceptual art in Catalonia that it was an ephimerous as well as a controversial movement. Nevertheless it was a kind of art that showed great political and social commitment, at a time when everybody was campaigning for democratic and national freedom.

This show of 26 artists of the 60's and 70's is, therefore, a general exhibition of Conceptual art in Catalonia that, together with a chronological and relevant documentation about the period, represents the first attempt to develop a deep study about our, somewhat recent, art It is highly meaningful booth for its innovative character in the search of new aesthetic formulations and for its social side.

Author: [Pilar Parcerisas]

Art Critic in the newspaper AVUI, Art Historian and Independent Curator of Exhibitions
Live and Work in Barcelona

  • Autor of the exhibition “Idees i Actituds. Entorn de l’art conceptual a Catalunya, 1964-1980” (Santa Monica Center for the Arts, Barcelona, 1992). It was also exhibited in  the Cornerhouse of Manchester and in the University of Southampton (1994).
  • Editor of the Grup de Treball texts,Macba, Barcelona, (1999)
  • Author of the book: “Conceptualismo(s). Poéticos, políticos, periféricos. En torno al arte conceptual en España, 1964-1980” (Ed. Akal, Madrid, 2007) (Now in print).

Lines of work: Conceptual Art, Media Art, Modern and Contemporary Art.








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