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Title: Exclusion Exercise. Punishment Preventing Autotherapy

Author: Tamás Szentjóby [AT]

Year: 1969

Images and references:

Place where it was made /presented Balatonboglár


IPUT organised the «Exclusion Exercise ­ Punishment Preventing Autotherapy» ­ in a Roman Catholic chapel, in 1972. The dispatcher was sitting 8 hours/day for one week with a pail on his head. On the wall he desplayed questions which visitors could put to him:


I. You can ask from the selfsentenced anything


II. You can ask the following:

 ­ Are all life-styles immoral which exclude even one other human being?

 ­ Can one form a community with another person without being free oneself?

 ­ Is culture real purpose to make one conscious of the identity of one’s fate and history?

 ­ Is it the most important thing to discover and realise what is needed by life?

 ­ Is it true that those who bear the unbearable know nothing about life? Know nothing about that interdependence that is contained in life?

 ­ Can he bear himself without us, or is everything hopeless?

 ­ Can the blockade of the present be broken only by a new attitude?

 ­ Is the realisation of the future in the present an acceleration of our lives?

 ­ Because historical time applies to the totality and not to the individual, would you try to live the facts of the present and your future desolation simultaneously?

 ­ Is this all to manifest difference and therefore there to activate a potentially different matter?

 ­ Can the changeable also be unfinished? Is the unfinished to be changed? Is constancy: suffering? Is unfinishedness: suffering?

 ­ Do you hope that you can make interdependence conscious by demonstrating that we are all at each other’s mercy?

 ­ Does your action include the punishment?

 ­ Does your punishment include the action?

 ­ Is action a sin? Is punishment a sin?

 ­ Is sin action?

 ­ Is action punishment?

 ­ What is a sin?

 ­ Is that action the sin that causes suffering?

 ­ Is that action the sin tha causes no change?

 ­ Is there anything at all that you can call an action, would it not produce a change, and is its existence provided to decrease suffering?

 ­ Are you punishing yourself because by selfpunishment you accept the punishment of selfpunishment and by this you release the punisher from the punishment that is not worthy of action: the sin?

 ­ Do you feel particularly exposed because you can not see whom you are talking to?

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