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Title: Art-Collection Action

Author: Gyula Pauer [AT]

Year: 1971

Images and references:

Place where it was made /presented Budapest


Dear Friend,

I have resolved to initiate an art-collection action.

In view of my particular situation (lack of space, financial difficulties, my anti-materialistic orientation, etc.) I have had to discard professional-academic collection methods.
My collection will be based on the best works of 16 Hungarian artists, and whereas:


I beg you to fill in (typewritten, not by hand) the attached index card with the data of the object which in your opinion is your best work  – filling in the underlined sections of the card only – be precise / in accordance with the truth / and return the card to me within three days.

Further, I request:
1.    Index cards of works deposited in museums and other institutions don’t interest me.  No public institution would want to give them up, and otherwise, copies are not wanted.  Only original works can be included in my collection.
2.    It is conceivable that some institution might sometime purchase a donated documentation’s object.  In this event, I will gladly hand over to the institution the index card from my collection, for the purpose of making a photocopy, but naturally you must inform the purchasing institution that no new index card / no certified copy / is allowed to be made.
3.    In the case where the intended Data’s object is in the hands of a private collector, his permission must be requested.

Although, the data’s object is beyond my sphere of interest, certain administrative requirements force me to attend to the following:
1.    It is important that you only supply existing art objects’ data.
2.    It could happen that somebody reading the Index Card might actually become curious about the object.
3.    Because I want to avoid fake data finding its way into my collection, I will carry out a random sample test on the Index Cards’ objects.
4.    In case you effect a change on the Index Card’s object / redesign, repaint, etc. / or it is damaged, you must inform me promptly, in order that I can enter this in the data.
5.    It is also possible / but you don’t need to declare this / that there is a change which makes the object resemble its data more closely.
6.    If the Index Card’s item is neither picture nor sculpture, but rather some sort of action / happening, environment / that you did some time ago, I ask you to ensure that it can be reconstructed at any time – precisely according to its description. / A word of friendly advice:  in view of the difficulties, don’t do this! /

Dear Friend, undoubtedly this donation will cause you certain difficulties, since the absence of your aforementioned artwork’s Index Card will cause it ( the artwork itself) to lose its “personal identity”.  Have moral relief from the fact that my collection has already awakened many people’s interest, and I am planning an exhibition of the most outstanding Index Cards.

I ask your assistance in my endeavor with your gift.

With friendly greetings:

Budapest, Oct. 20, 1971

Translated by Ilona Molnár

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