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Radical Conceptual Art revisited: A social and political perspective from the East and the South

(Curator, Editor)

Name: Antoni Mercader Capellŕ

Place and data of birth: [1941] Banyoles (Catalonia)

Place of work during the 60’s and 70’s (professional biography):

Audiovisual and multimedia expanded art forms historian. Independent art exibition curator. Audiovisual and multimedia producer.

Phd on Audiovisual Communication, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona, 2000

Thesis: From artistic practice to audiovisual and multimedia communication 

Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Art History), Universitat de Barcelona, in 1976.

Director of the Department Didactics of Visual and Fine Arts Education and full professor at the Audiovisual Communication, at the Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Consultor and curator, since 1994, at the Mediateca Fundació "la Caixa". Barcelona (Media Art and Contemporary Music)

Award Premi Espais, 1995. Girona (from texts about Contemporary Art)

Senior researcher of the UB research group Vall. Comunication_Art_Education and member of Redactions Board of Telos (Madrid), since 1989                                                                                     

Founding member of the Catalan Society of Communication,  since 1985

One of the authors of the first book about video-art published in Spain:

En torno al vídeo (Barcelona: Gustavo Gili, 1980)


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