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Radical Conceptual Art revisited: A social and political perspective from the East and the South

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Title: Violencia

Author: Juan Carlos Romero [AT]

Year: 1973

Images and references:

Place where it was made /presented Buenos Aires


In April 1973, Juan Carlos Romero occupied the headquarters of Centro de Arte y Comunicación (CAYC) with an installation entitled Violence. He covered the walls and floor of the main exhibition room with posters printed with that one word, in large letters; in a second space be brought together fragments of texts by various author, proposed as partial definitions of the term; finally, in a third sector of the installation, he displayed front covers of the sensationalist magazine Así, with photographs of the police repression, among other images, and the word ‘violence’, reiterated in bold headlines. Romero extended the marks of violence in the complex corpus of texts and images brought together in the installation at CAYC, configuring a dense intertextual mesh, a multiple structure of crossed references whose nodes and intersections are displaced and relocated in the mobility of the ‘actor-spectator’ —a term used by the artist to designate the potential recipient of his proposal—and in the observer’s practice of articulating the different levels of information of the work-system, actively traversing and interrogating its strata of opacity, relocating meaning in its plural fabric (Fernando Davis. “Critical Practices and Strategies of Appropriation in the Work of Juan Carlos Romero.” Traslated by Graham Thompson)

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